Where did the idea for MigLoo come from?

It all began with John Robinson getting inspiration from the people with profound disabilities that he worked with, and subsequently his concern at the physical challenges those people experience daily. John left his job running the Pershore Day Care Centre in Worcestershire in 2005 to develop his inventions. He began by inventing a mobile changing suite to enable those in need to take their facilities with them. This first changing suite received an award at the Changing Places launch in 2006 which led to the evolution of the Festival, Freedom and Naked versions.


Why would a MigLoo make such a difference?

Having a MigLoo means that facilities can be put where people need them... and they're low cost — making it easy for those seeking ‘reasonable adjustments’. We've seen users of the MigLoo (the carers as well as wheelchair occupants) become quite emotional because someone cared enough to provide what they needed and giving them the freedom to attend the event in comfort. We’re deeply moved by these users and highly motivated to develop more Migloos and other inventions.


What areas do you cover?

We'd like to cover the whole country, but obviously Northern Scotland (from mid-Wales) is currently not a viable weekend hire, although longer durations would be considered.


How much space is in a MigLoo?

The Freedom is 2mx3m and has a changing bed, gantry, hoist and tent cover. It is small and fairly lightweight and can be erected on a level site by 2 people.


The Festival is 4.5mx3m and classed as a Changing Place, as it has a sink, water from a tap, privacy screen and a loo. It is independent of mains water or electric — somewhat like camping — which makes it incredibly flexible and cost-effective.


The Naked Migloo is the Festival without the tent. This can be used to provide facilities in suitable, lockable rooms in supermarkets, businesses, or even empty offices on the High Streets. We see The Naked MigLoo as a temporary solution to a current lack of facilities by providing a low-cost way of making a very 'reasonable adjustment' and helping to assess the need for permanent facility installation. We also realize that MigLoos can enable organizations to find the optimum site for a brick and mortar changing area, thus avoiding putting them in places few will use!


Can a MigLoo be installed/hired for just a few days or nights?

MigLoos are meant to be TEMPORARY solutions, so they can be hired for any reasonable length of time — although setting up at a great distance from Mid-Wales (i.e. Northern Scotland) at present would likely not be cost-effective for a short term — but please do contact us about a hire at any distance.


Does anyone stay to coach or train in the use of the equipment?

We are often on hand at all events ourselves. The equipment is easy to use and hirers are trained if necessary, thus effectively always having someone present to advise.


Can any disabled person or carer use a hired MigLoo?

The organizers may feel that users with profound disabilities should have priority and not have to wait for someone who could use an ordinary wheelchair loo. The Elsan loo we provide has armrests and a backrest designed for those needing support, but there are not the grab rails you would find in a common disabled loo.


What kind of sling is the MigLoo hoist designed for?

The hoist we provide is for looped slings. We could cater to clip systems, but only with advance notice. Please consult with us as there would be an extra cost incurred.

Where has MigLoo been and how do we know it's there?

We've supplied Fun Days at football clubs, Fetes, Disability Awareness Days, Children’s Play Schemes, College Events, Exhibitions, School Events, Music Festivals and more. We put try to put the events on our website, social media, and ask organizers to advertise. Using our guide, "10 Easy Ways", can certainly help with that!

How much space is needed, and where's the best place to erect a MigLoo?

The Freedom is 2x3m, and the Festival is 3x4.5mm. You need space around both for securing guy ropes, etc. in case of rain and wind. But the best site is a good central place where users can access it.  (It’s hard work— wheelchairing!)


Is a permit or special insurance required to hire one for an event?

No, although we do ask that your event insurance covers any damage. We also carry public liability insurance.


How can I find out the cost to hire a MigLoo?

Simply Contact Us, send an email inquiry or phone us at the number below.

What is the company information for MigLoo?

 Company Registration:  Protorus Solutions Limited  |  Company Number: 9093610 | VAT 190504423

BACS:  Protorus Solutions Limited | Account: 68598460 | Sort Code: 30-98-97