MigLoo Freedom Suite is a personal changing suite solution.

MigLoo is the world’s first,

fully-portable, temporary

hoisted changing system.

THE FREEDOM is a personal, complete, stand-alone unit, whose compact size allows carers to transport and set-up a private changing area for their people. This sturdy shelter offers protection from our glorious UK weather. With the simple addition of a roof rack to the vehicle, you can carry it with you and open up a world of possibilities that until now had been out of reach.



. . . to the seaside

No need to worry about a lack of facilities. this unit provides the ability to visit towns, secluded beaches, coves, and more! Use our unique hoisting system to get down onto the sand, into a paddling pool, wherever you like! It’s your tool!


. . . shopping or sightseeing

No more hunting about for a changing suite, TAKE IT WITH YOU! With a footprint occupying less than one disabled parking space, the Freedom can even be used to take a much-needed break from the confines of a day in a wheelchair.


. . . to the pub, an event, or family gathering

Although the FESTIVAL is best utilized for events or gatherings, many event coordinators have not taken advantage of this opportunity. But, that doesn't mean you need to miss a thing! Take your own haven with you and enjoy THE FREEDOM to go where you want, when you want!


This unit takes two people about 45 minutes to set up. The shelter stores easily in its own wheeled bag inside your wheelchair-accessible vehicle and the MigLoo hoist track can fit inside a surfboard bag on the roof!


Dimensions:  3M w x 2M d  (door ht: 1.7-2M)
        folded ht: 1M  |  peak ht: 3-3.3M
Weight:  Frame & Canopy: 30kg | Walls: 10kg
        Total Weight:  40kg  (in wheeled carrier)
Weight:  Bar: 10kg   Legs (ea): 3.3kg  |  Height: 2M
Manufacturer: Invacare Robin  Weight: 7kg
Capacity: 160kg (25 st)  Lifts/charge: 60-65 
Folded: 72.5 x 19 x 101.5cm h   Weight: 14kg
Extended: 195 x 70 x 64.5-85cm h
Capacity: 160kg (25 st) 

We can help you locate and obtain all of the items you  require to design your own .

an individual changing solution

— Melanie Hawkett

Director, Freetime Care Services

The MigLoo Freedom has completely revolutionized the care of our patients and has physically changed their lives and the lives of their families. We can now go out, go to events, and do things that everyone else takes for granted — for the very first time.