I garnered a Changing Places award for my design of a 20’x8’ Mobile unit, which is still in use today by Andy Loos.


The idea of a personal unit for individuals to use for their own travel, never left my mind and so I continued to work on the development of MigLoo.



The first MiglooMobi was attached to the modified roof rack on my old Renault Kangoo.


Everything went well, until I hit a snag... literally! Driving into a car park, the roof box containing the MigLoo shelter hit the height restriction barrier — so it was back to the drawing board. Obviously, it wasn’t a ‘Go-anywhere Loo’ if it couldn’t get into car parks!


After a lot of prototyping,I partnered with the fabricators at Alphafab in Pinvin and the roof unit was redesigned.



The big unveiling at NAIDEX (UK's largest disability and home care event) was exciting and well received. Everyone loved it, but was not without challenges. I found I needed a tent that was lighter, quicker to set up, and less expensive so it could be replaced by the damage that is inevitably caused by wheelchair use.


Also at NAIDEX, were requests to produce a 'Festival' version that was larger and independent of a vehicle so it could be set up wherever it was needed. Gideon Feldman from Attitude is Everything was an enthusiastic advocate for the idea.


So again, back to the drawing board to get another version ready in record time to provide facilities at Greenbelt, Kettering!


Also in 2014, Protorus Solutions, Ltd. was formed as a company to develop MigLoo and other inventions on my drawing table. Another key reason was to register for VAT, so it could be claimed back and not passed on to customers (the very people who are not supposed to pay VAT).


Protorus Solutions, also makes my other inventions, like Vioble (an aid for playing the violin), BeeLoo, and AirLoo (a changing suite for long-haul flights) and many more — all to create ease while managing disability.



2016 was an intensive continuation of the work begun in 2015 — building up contacts, developing a stronger, better hoisting system, and coming into alignment with the requirements of Changing Places.


The goals of networking contacts and the hoisting gantry has been met, and MigLoo was ready to be presented to Changing Places in hopes of garnering their certification.


Also in 2016, I searched out and found a new design for our logo, our company shelter, and this site; embraced social media with Facebook (with a bit of resistance to be honest); and researched long and hard to find a new manufacturer for our shelters. All of this reflects our continuing desire to bring you ever-higher quality, ease of use, and enjoyment of MigLoo.



What a fabulous year 2017 turned out to be! The biggest news — besides my marriage to American India Redman — is that MigLoo has secured certification as an Official Changing Place! The hard work has paid off and the doors to sweeping change in the disability world are opening!



2018 turned out to be a year of change and challenge on the personal, as well as the business front... but we made it through and MigLoo is regaining steam.


Dealing with India's Spousal Visa was an issue that we don't wish on anyone! But, to counter that, we've moved into a 400-year-old Welsh home that we love!

As for Protorus and MigLoo, we suffered a bit of a setback when my co-Director, John Morgan, resigned. It was quite a shock, but Mr. Morgan's personal life made this move necessary.

On a brighter note, The Bevern Trust purchased two complete MigLoos for their future events and we could not be happier than knowing that so many will be able to enjoy outings in the Sussex area! And Mobiloo has purchased one as well! Hooray!

MigLoo provided essential facilities for numerous lovely events, not least of which was setting up in the Great Hall at Birmingham University and The National Theatre of Scotland in Inverness. (See our BLOG for more!)


In 2019, we were able to get to an outstanding 18 venues... more than double the number we did in 2018! Nearly every week of the Spring/Summer/Autumn saw us on the road to another part of the UK... and we LOVED IT — even if we were a bit knackered when we arrived home.


But, nothing could have prepared us for what came next...



A year that will forever live in our memory. Stay at home orders, social distancing and fear put us all in a tailspin. With all events cancelled, of course, MigLoo was locked down too. We sorely missed seeing everyone, but safety first!

We learned a lot from all the gatherings we have attended through the years, which prompted us to create a document called "10 Easy Ways" to help event and festival coordinators think more inclusively. You can get your copy by downloading the PDF here.



The last two years have been hard for everyone and MigLoo was no exception. Unfortunately, it made us take a hard look at what we are able to do moving forward and have come to the difficult decision to retire our MigLoo rentals. With health threats and fuel prices, the toll is just too great.

But, the good news is, that we will still be selling our amazing hoist gantry system and with all our experience, we are a great resource to help you create inclusivity! So, please contact us and we can help you get your own.


We are here to consult and help in any way that helps YOU!

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