MigLoo gains the support of the Mayor and a Member of Parliament

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Emma Stokes, John Morgan, Nigel Huddleston and John Robinson
The MigLoo team pulled out all the stops and set up the entire MigLoo Family of Products at the Wychavon Civic Center for a demonstration to an invited audience including Pershore Mayor, Bob Gillmor, and the Mid Worcestershire MP, Nigel Huddleston.
Seeing the smiles, the nods of agreement and watching all the doubt melt away from the faces of the attendees let us know people are understanding that change is needed. Having this event be such a huge success, we are bolstered even more to keep the doors to innovation wide open and create greater ways to help those in need live more fulfilling lives.
“I was deeply impressed by all I saw and I do hope you have great success with your product. I can see it will make the most enormous difference to the lives of the severely disabled if they are able to get out more and travel further if they know MigLoo is there to meet their needs.” — Nigel Huddleston, Member of Parliament for Mid Worcestershire

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