MigLoo Shares a Home From Home Care Fun Day

The Besides the amazing sunshine of a Summer's day, smiles were prevalent among the goers at the Home From Home Care Fun Day event in Wellingore, Lincolnshire on Saturday 4th August. Sharing space with a giant sticky dartboard, fantastic bubble makers, baby plastic ducks (and a participant as the heat rose!) in a paddling pool, great music, food and more, MigLoo fit right in to provide a simple, clean solution to what some would feel a challenge at such an event. Being able to offer a changing space to get freshened up to numerous people is what brings us joy — and there was much joy to be had on this day! We hope more events will include a MigLoo to enable days of this kind to be available throughout the UK.
Joanne Blanksby having fun with her dad, David.
Used with permission
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