MigLoo at Slam Dunk? OF COURSE!

25th MAY - Leeds | 26th MAY - Hertfordshire

We've said it before and we'll say it again — MigLoo is for everyone! So, if you are into music and want to attend the Slam Dunk Festival, you've no excuse! We'll be there!

Slam Dunk is a pop-punk and rock music, 2-day touring festival with one day in Leeds and the other in Hertfordshire. Showcasing a lineup of over 50 acts on 5 stages, Slam Dunk gives a platform to some of your favourite bands and a vital one to those just coming through.

Born out a the Slam Dunk Records label and the popular weekly night at the Cockpit in Leeds, the festival has become a rite of passage for all rock, emo, punk, ska and metal fans in the UK. The festival has the same acts and number of stages at each of the sites.

A MigLoo Festival will be provided by Protorus Solutions at Leeds Temple Newsam Park, and Watford Mencap will be providing a MigLoo at Hatfield House Park in Hertfordshire.

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