MigLoo Founder John Robinson and friend, Matthew Hall.

inclusion through innovation

Founder John Robinson and Matthew Hall

“Spending the majority of my life working with people with profound disabilities has given me a unique insight into their world.

Much of the time, it is a world

that says, 'You can't . . .'

I don't accept that.

— John Robinson, Inventor and Founder of MigLoo

In 2006, MigLoo began as a Changing Places Award-Winning 20’x8’ wheeled unit. Over the years, we have evolved into a more compact, easier to manage, mobile loo and changing place that can travel with people, rather than searching miles to find a facility or not bothering to venture out at all.


Working with some wonderfully talented and supportive fabricators, the entire suite has been redesigned from the ground up — literally — to meet not only the needs of individuals, but also the stringent guidelines of the Changing Places Consortium, coordinators of festivals and events, and retail outlets as well.


We're very excited for our redesigned suites, and hope you'll feel the same!


Take a look at The Freedom, The Festival and The Naked MigLoo and consider a MigLoo to suit your needs!